Cable Trays

During the recent time there have been lot of improvisations and changes in the field of electrical fittings. Many reasons led to this improvisation, to name a few it was the ease to work during repairs or faults in the cables , the aesthetic looks of the buildings etc.
One of such improvisation is the Cable Trays used for the placement of the cables running for the power distribution or the communication cables.

Type of cable trays
We at UT have been into the production of Cable trays in GI sheet either podwer coated or galvanized depending upon the clients requirement.

  1. Perforated Type
  2. Ladder Type

We have the state of the art CNC machines  used for the manufacturing of these type of the Cable Trays. We have the capacity to manufacture these in loose or bulk (in GI sheet) as per the client’s requirement.
Our competitive edge is due to the fact we have the latest (fully robotic and covered)12 tank powder coating plant installed at our plant in Indore.

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