Health Safety and Environment Policy

UTIndia Health & Safety Policy

  • It is the policy of UTINDIA to conduct all its operations in a manner, which protects people and property and which complies with all applicable legislation. UTINDIA recognises that prevention of accidents and ill health is essential to the efficient operation of its business. Accordingly, the control and management of health and safety issues commands at least equal prominence, when balanced against operational and commercial considerations.
  • UTINDIA ’s principal health and safety objective is to provide a safe working environment, for employees, contract personnel and members of the general public who may be put at risk by the activities of the company.
  • UTINDIA recognises the value of its employees and considers their well-being to be a major factor in the success of all its business activities.

UT India Environmental Policy Objectives

  • The company’s strategic objectives in fulfilment of this policy is to set performance criteria, through the use of mandatory standards, codes of practice, procedures and guidelines etc. which are relevant to the implementation of the policy, and which establish sound environmental management practices throughout the company.
  • To review and develop such criteria in the light of changes in technology, industrial practices and trends in legislation.